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My manager prides himself on his ability to coach, but his coaching style is to give us a lecture when we make a mistake. He is knowledgeable, but I donít think I can handle any more lectures. Do you have any suggestions?

Although your performance might merit some coaching on how to carry out various aspects of your job, your manager needs some coaching on how to coach.

For learning to occur, the process should include two-way communication, practice, participant involvement, and feedback. Lecturing is typically regarded as one of the least effective educational techniques since it typically misses so many of these elements.

Your manager also needs to tailor his teaching approach to fit the learning styles of the people he is trying to coach. For example, some people are more oriented to learning visually, while others may learn more effectively by hearing new information or physically handling new material.

The nature of the material to be taught can also play a role in determining the best way to present it to others. For example, teaching interpersonal relations is quite different from teaching accounting processes.

Since your manager is trying to deal with employee performance issues by coaching rather than by disciplining, reprimanding, or yelling, he would probably be open to a suggestion or two. You and some of your fellow employees should tell him that it would be easier to implement his ideas if you could ask questions along the way. If he prides himself on being a coach, he should be open to this type of coaching and coaxing.

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