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A year ago, my manager told me that when a position opened up, I would be promoted. When there was an opening last month, the promotion went to one of my co-workers. I asked my manager about this, and he said he did not remember having offered anything to me. Then he said when the next position opens up, I am in line to get it. Some of my friends told me to get this in writing, but Iím concerned about how my manager might react. What do you think?

Before getting anything in writing, you should step back and ask yourself how you feel about working in a company in which your managerís word does not mean anything unless it is accompanied by a signed document. If you cannot rely on what your manager says, that actually says a great deal.

Your manager may indeed react negatively the lack of trust associated with being asked to sign anything regarding a future promotion, and merely asking could damage your working relationship as well as the possibility of a promotion. In fact, your manager might not even be allowed to enter any formal agreement regarding your retention or promotion.

A more positive strategy is to send him an email thanking him for indicating that you are next in line for a promotion. This type of note can serve as a reminder as well as a way to document his comments. Be sure to save this email and keep a hard copy of it, and do the same if he happens to respond.

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