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Listening Communication Interrupting Non-stop Talkers

I have a new subordinate in training who interrupts me and asks questions about the very thing that, had she waited, would have been explained to her. When I am speaking with other employees, she will interrupt. I have tried talking over her, but she speaks louder and louder and will not stop. When I am quietly working, she will blurt out statements to me from across the room. Help!

Having a card-carrying interrupter in the workplace can interrupt more than conversations. A good deal of time can be wasted explaining and re-explaining information to this person, and the interruptions can cause frustration, aggravation, and tension for you and your staff, all of which can lead to interruptions in productivity.

Since this person is in training, it is time to try some training. Although her tendency to interrupt is most likely deeply ingrained in her personality, you may be able to have an impact on this behavior. You should have a review session with her, and be sure to ask her if there are any areas in which she feels she needs to improve.

If she brings up the interruptions, that can be an excellent sign. If she does not, then you should. Give her specific situations where she interrupted you or others, and let her know about the problems that ensued as a result. Ask her if there are any steps that she can commit to take in order to do more listening and less interrupting in the future.

If you see any improvement in this area, be sure to praise her on the spot. However, if her interruptions continue, you are going to need to ask yourself how much longer you want her to continue.

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