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I am a sales manager, and during the summer, I told the sales team that if they exceeded the goal, I would shave all the hair off my head. Well, they roared right past it, but things have changed since the summer and I'm not in the mood to do this. How bad would it be if I deferred it?

It all depends if you want to make a bald-faced retraction of a commitment you made. It is not as if the possibility of seeing your shining pate was the sales team's primary motivation, but you can be sure there was talk about it. Now that the time has arrived, it would probably be a harebrained idea to let the team down.

There's no doubt that everyone's mood has changed in recent months, but you have an opportunity to bring some smiles and laughter back into your workplace, and they are very important in the healing process. It is not as if you will be turning your back on the sadness of recent events, but rather you will be taking steps to help rebuild from it.

Your employees will probably be quite pleased that the only cuts being made in your company are to your hair. Your best move right now is to do some research about the safest way to handle the procedure. And, make sure you have an extra supply of sunblock. Remember that by the time Christmas rolls around, you'll be back in the thick of it.

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