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My job calls for considerable air travel, and I have some fairly extensive trips that I should make over the next few weeks. The problem is that I really don't want to fly for a while. I have done some teleconferencing, but I should get back on the road. How do I deal with this?

While you are the only one who can determine when you are ready to get back on a plane, there are some actions to take right now to help figure out what to do.

One such step is to talk with people, particularly friends and trusted associates, who have been traveling by air lately. You will most likely hear that the terminals seem safer, they are not overly crowded, some terminals are particularly easy to use, and the pilots and crew are making major efforts to make all of the passengers feel safe, secure, and comfortable. While people are getting to the airports earlier, and there can be some logjams, the additional security procedures are generally regarded as thorough and appropriate.

By talking with significant others who have flown recently, you can remove many of the unknowns and related anxieties that may be holding you down. And further, the process of talking about flying helps you identify, express, and then manage some of you underlying fears in this area. Be sure to talk with your manager and clients in this period, as there may be more flexibility than you think.

You are ultimately going to make the decision that is right for you. At this point, letting your feelings out and listening to others is just the ticket.

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