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Degrees Business Cards

A co-worker and I are having a discussion about business cards. Our question is, after the person's name, how should the credentials, licenses, and educational degrees be listed?

The matter of how to list credentials on a business card is literally and figuratively in your hands. Your business card is part of your marketing, and whoever reads it should be able to quickly understand what you do and also sense that you are a good one to contact.

The placement of degrees, credentials, and licenses on the card will depend in great part on what you actually do and what you want to emphasize as your specialty. For example, take a person who has an RN degree plus an MBA. If he or she is working as a Director of Nursing, the RN designation would typically be placed before the MBA. However, if that person were a health care consultant, it would not be surprising to find the MBA placed ahead of the RN.

While you are on the subject of business cards, you should also note that there are alternatives that are not paper at all. For example, there are CD Rom business cards that fit in the palm of your hand and can contain video and audio presentations about you, your work, your degrees and credentials, and much more.

It is just a matter of time before your discussion switches from where to place credentials on a card to where to place you in a card.

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