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I just brought a fairly large cactus into my office, and the office manager caught sight of it and said that it is not an appropriate plant for an office. She said that it gives off a threatening atmosphere and the thorns pose a safety risk, so, it has to go. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

Of all the growing issues that one encounters at work, it is initially surprising to find that your office manager wants to handle a cactus. Your office manager is stuck on two points, but only one holds water.

Saying that a cactus poses a threatening atmosphere throws an unwarranted barb at the plant itself. Cacti are among the most beautiful, intriguing, and inviting plants in the world. Besides, with a number of states experiencing a drought right now, a cactus might just be the perfect plant.

However, the one thorny issue is what constitutes "fairly large." If your cactus overpowers the office and threatens to puncture any who dare to enter, then your office manager does have a basis for some concern.

You should discuss the situation with your office manager and see if there is any wiggle room, not only on this matter but in your office as well. Importantly, this is not an issue that calls for a major battle. If the plant is deemed unacceptable, then it has to hit the road. Perhaps you can replace it with something else, such as a rose bush.

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