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I just interviewed an applicant for a sales position, and I was not impressed. He talked almost the whole time and never knew when to stop. A few other people here also interviewed him, and they want to hire him. They say he has the gift of gab and that's exactly what is needed in a good salesperson. I don't think they are correct. Do you?

Many successful salespeople are in fact good talkers, but the most successful salespeople have something more powerful than the gift of gab. They have the gift of listening, and that is what separates them from the rest of the pack.

Truly effective salespeople spend a great deal of time trying to understand their customers. In fact, some studies show that at least eighty percent of their time in a sales presentation is spent listening. In many cases, salespeople with the so-called gift of gab are the ones who keep pushing a product on a customer, regardless of what the customer needs. They often do very little to understand the customers' needs, build trust, and build a successful working relationship. This is hardly professional selling.

Nonetheless, it is entirely possible that your sales applicant is very good at what he does, and perhaps his style fits perfectly with your company's style and objectives. In addition, if you really want to know more about him, you should get his permission to talk with some of his references. He may have the gift of gab, but his references will tell you if that gift is worth anything.

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