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My sales manager usually takes one day every month to ride around with me when I call on my customers. I want to talk with him about my presentations, but he is on his cell phone almost the entire time in the car. He tells me he is too busy to talk to me during these rides. What do you suggest?

When your sales manager uses his hours with you as an opportunity to spend hours talking to others, he needs to face the fact that he is missing most of the value of his face-time with you. These stretches can be a great opportunity for feedback, coaching, and general communications.

Granted he is busy and will need to take some calls, but if he turns the entire drive into a telethon, he may actually be interfering with your sales effectiveness. Not only is he failing to give you guidance that could help in the next presentation, he is also upsetting you, and that could hurt your next presentation.

Although it may be tempting to call him on your cell phone while you are at the wheel and he is sitting next to you, mixing cell phones and driving is illegal in some states. So, try to be more assertive between calls. Instead of saying you want more communication with him on the road, put together some specific questions about selling and your accounts for him to answer. If he can sense that he is helping you and ultimately helping himself, he may be more likely to put his cell phone behavior on hold.

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