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I just interviewed an applicant for a sales position who talked for almost the entire interview. He was articulate and had plenty of stories, and he has the gift of gab. The other managers who interviewed him were impressed, but I was not because he did not know when to stop talking. What's your take on this?

The best salespeople are more likely to have the gift of listening rather than the gift of gab. Sales superstars are very sensitive to their customers, and they spend a very high percentage of time listening rather than talking.

You just observed this applicant in a sales situation, since he was trying to sell his labor to you. More than likely, this is how he will present himself to your customers if you bring him on board. Now the question is how your customers will react to his style, and that is a call you have to make.

As part of your decision-making, be sure to carefully review his work history and tack record. This is a strong predictor of his future sales success.

The fact that some of your associates liked this individual is not surprising. He is friendly, communicative, and has some great stories. However, liking an applicant is very different from determining if an applicant is a good match for a particular job. Most applicants are likable, but that does not mean they are hirable.

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