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I am over 50 and I despise my job. It makes me tense and upset every day, and the problem is that I am stuck. The pay and benefits are good, and I know it will be very tough to find anything like this at my age. What do you suggest?

If you continue to be stuck on telling yourself you are stuck, you will never take any action to improve your work situation and state of mind. If you want to get unstuck, you need to set some specific goals and the steps to meet them.

For example, you can stay with your present employer and seek additional responsibilities that interest you, join company committees, or explore possibilities to transfer. If you can feel more effective and productive on the job, you are likely to feel more satisfied.

Outside of the job, you should be continuing your education, as this can help you open doors for advancement, whether in your company or beyond. In addition, there may be some home-based business ideas that interest you. With some homework, you may find a way to literally capitalize on them.

While it is true that some companies still illegally discriminate on the basis of age, there are plenty that do not. As a result, you should also keep an eye out for job opportunities that interest you.

You will probably be working for several more years, and if you are tense and upset every day, you will be working against yourself in every way.

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