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Although I am pleased with all five employees who report to me, three other managers on separate occasions have said that one of my employees is rude and nasty. I have never seen this side of her personality, and I donít think it is right to give her feedback based on hearsay. However, I donít want to ignore the other managers. How should I approach this?

While it is true that your fellow managersí comments are hearsay, it is important for you to hear what they say. You will need to speak to your employee about these comments, but you should meet with the other managers first.

It will be important to hear the specifics behind their discontent. It is not enough to simply say that your employee is rude or nasty. When you speak with this employee, you should have specific examples of her questionable behaviors. And donít forget to ask the managers if you can use their names in your discussion with her. If they prefer to remain anonymous, it may be more difficult for you to describe the problematic behaviors, but you still should be able to provide the basics.

When you give your employee some specific feedback on this matter, listen carefully to her response. Her explanation, rationalization, or defensiveness will help you determine your next action. And regardless of her response, it will be important for you to try to be more observant of her in the future. If she is truly nasty and rude, you are likely to hear it as well as hear about it.

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