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I am a new employee with this company, and I have been given no training. When I have questions about how to do my job, my supervisor ignores me and my co-workers are too busy. I'm making mistakes already, and I don't know where to turn. Can you help?

If you entered this position with the clear understanding that you are going to be provided with some training by your supervisor or colleagues, only to find that such training is nonexistent, then it is quite likely that many other components of effective management are also nonexistent.

Even if you were hired because of your expertise, along with an expectation that you needed minimal training if any, there still is a need for someone in management to meet with you to review the company's standards and mode of operation in your position. By ignoring all of your requests, you supervisor is also ignoring the broad range of present and potential costs associated with an employee who is either minimally productive or making substantial errors.

If you truly want to keep this job, you should approach the supervisor when he or she is not particularly busy and ask for some help. Be clear and concise in describing the specific areas in which you need guidance. You can take a similar approach with your fellow employees, and even with human resources or senior management if necessary. You work for a company that wittingly, unwittingly, or half-wittingly expects you to sink or swim on your own, but you should give it a little more time before deciding whether to jump ship.

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