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New Hires Listening Self-Insight

We are getting a new boss in 2 weeks. I am wondering if there are any tips that can help me make a better first impression on him.

If there is one tip that may help you make a positive impression on your new manager, it is for you to listen carefully to what he says, observe how he operates, and try to respond in kind. For example, if you observe that he is detail minded, cautious, and careful, your behaviors should reflect the same qualities.

If this new manager senses your thoroughness, he is likely to perceive a commonality between the two of you, and his first impression of you may be more favorable. However, the key word here is, "first." In very short order, the quality and quantity of your work will be the key factors that determine his real impression of you.

It is a myth to think that first impressions are lasting, as they only endure until additional data are gathered over time. Think back about people you have met who initially impressed or even overwhelmed you, but whom you now regard as underwhelming. The opposite occurs too, as you probably have examples of people who were rather unimpressive at first, but who actually turned out to have far more on the ball.

Focusing on your new manager's objectives, standards, and style can help build a positive first impression, but focusing on your performance and productivity can help build a positive lasting impression.

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