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Furniture Working Conditions

Does it mean anything when a new manager does absolutely nothing to personalize his office? There's nothing on the walls, and the shelves only have company materials. His desk has a company computer and phone, and that's it. His office looks like it belongs to a visitor.

Just because a new manager takes a Spartan approach to his office does not automatically mean that his managerial skills are sparse. Granted that his approach sounds a little different, it's too early to tell what it means.

His plain-wrap office may be due to any number of factors. Perhaps he has been so busy acclimating to the new job that he simply has not had the time to put in any of his personal touches. Maybe this is his way of sending a message that he is all business, or perhaps it indicates that he has not made a real commitment to the job.

The problem with this type of office is the message it sends. There is nothing warm, inviting, or comforting about it. This is the type of office that keeps employees out, even if the door is open.

Perhaps his managerial style is as cold as his office, or perhaps he is the type of manager who spends a great deal of time on the floors with his troops, and he does not want anyone to get too comfortable in his office, including himself.

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