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I am fairly new here, and my job is okay, but people here seem to take pleasure when others fail. They are always looking for ways to make themselves look better in the eyes of management, and make others look worse. I am very uncomfortable with all of this. What's the best thing to do?

Assuming that your initial perceptions of this company are accurate, your values are in direct conflict with the culture of this company, and that culture is not going to change. As a result, you will either change or have to make a change.

There are some people who can adjust to a broad range of environments, particularly if they sense a stronger need to remain in such entities. They may be able to rationalize the fact that they are becoming more like the people whom they initially scorned, or they might not even sense that they have changed at all. In order to thrive in this environment, your attitudes and behaviors will have to adapt. The longer you remain here, the more likely this outcome.

At the same time, you might be experiencing such a compelling conflict of values that you will be unable to tolerate continued employment with this company. You will know when this point arrives, and if you don't, management may sense the conflict and make the decision for you.

For now, the best step is to give this company some time and test your initial instincts. If you find that you simply cannot sink any roots here, then the answer is to repot yourself elsewhere.

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